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Which sources of income count toward qualifying for a mortgage? 哪些不? 一致性是关键!

以便有资格申请抵押贷款, you must demonstrate that you will be able to make payments on the loan consistently. Mortgage lenders take a risk every time they lend money to someone. They use a process called underwriting to evaluate mortgage applicants and estimate how much of a risk it would be to lend to them. The more regular income an applicant has, the less of a risk they might be for the lender. 这里的“收入”指的是什么? What sources of income will lenders accept 从 prospective borrowers? Read on to learn about how mortgage lenders assess different types of income.


Income refers to money that you receive in exchange for work or investments. It can also imply money received on a regular basis, such as a weekly paycheck or an annual dividend.

Regularity or consistency is the key to understanding what mortgage lenders mean when they talk about “income.” A borrower will be expected to make regular payments, usually on a monthly basis. 由于 摊销, each payment includes a portion of the principal of the loan and interest paid to the lender.


Mortgage lenders want to see that an applicant has enough regular income to keep up with the monthly mortgage payments. They will look at an applicant’s “gross monthly income” (which is before taxes are taken out) during the underwriting process.

联邦法律规定了贷款人的这一程序. The Truth in Lending Act, as amended by the Dodd-Frank Act in 2010, establishes “偿还能力”标准 对于贷款人来说,要求他们“做出合理的”, good faith determination of a consumer's ability to repay any consumer credit transaction secured by a dwelling.” Lenders have some discretion to decide what kinds of income they will accept.


The types of income that mortgage lenders will consider part of an applicant’s gross monthly income are not limited to employment income, as long as the applicant can show that they have been receiving it regularly and consistently. 可接受的入息形式包括:

  • 工资和薪水

  • 小费收入

  • 佣金

  • 奖金

  • 个体经营收入

  • 自由职业者或独立承包商的收入

  • 离开支付, 如孕妇, 亲子鉴定, 或病假, 如果申请人能证明他们将重返工作岗位

  • 子女抚养费和配偶抚养费

  • 退休及退休金福利

  • 年金支付

  • 残疾人福利

  • 弗吉尼亚州的好处

  • Certain types of investment income, as long as they come in on a regular basis

  • 租金收入,可能受到一些限制


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When a married couple or another group of people are jointly applying for a mortgage, the lender will usually combine every applicant’s gross monthly income.

You cannot combine your income with the income of someone who will not be living with you, 但有一个例外. 如果你申请的按揭贷款由 联邦住房管理局(FHA), you may also be able to include the income of one or more “non-occupying co-borrowers.”

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Types of Income that Might Count Towards Mortgage Qualification

Some types of income may receive extra scrutiny 从 lenders during underwriting. 这些包括:

  • 失业救济金

  • 资本利得

  • 利息和股息

  • 寄养收入

  • Lottery winnings - but only if you choose to receive it over time as an annuity instead of a lump sum

  • 以现金形式收到的收入

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房利美和房地美已经建立 的指导方针 for the types of documentation that lenders should require for various types of income. While these are not mandatory, most lenders follow the 的指导方针 to some extent. Lenders usually want to see a history of your bank statements.


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Tax documents like W-2s can establish most types of income related to employment, 还有直接从雇主那里拿到的工资单. Self-employed applicants can use recent tax returns to show income, while freelancers and independent contractors can present 1099 forms received 从 clients.

Tax returns will usually show most other forms of income such as interest or dividends. Non-taxable income, such as child support, will require other types of documents. For child support, court paperwork can establish the amount received each month.

Types of Income that Do NOT Count Towards Mortgage Qualification

这些类型的收入不能创造一个稳定的收入流, so they might not reassure a lender that a prospective borrower will be able to make loan payments for fifteen or thirty years.

  • 保险协议

  • 法院裁决或和解

  • 继承

  • 礼物

  • 一次性收到的彩票奖金


现在是买房的绝佳时机. If you aren’t sure whether your income would qualify you for a mortgage, 球道木组 is here to answer your questions and discuss your concerns.

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