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贷方有时会转让抵押贷款. 他们是如何以及为什么这样做的? 更重要的是,这对房主意味着什么?

After going through the entire process of qualifying for a mortgage, 向贷款人申请, 获得贷款批准, 正在准备一个新家, many homeowners are perplexed when a completely different company contacts them to announce that it will now be servicing their loan. 这是如何发生的,这意味着什么?

The good news for borrowers is that mortgage transfers do not affect the terms of their loans. The only difference is likely to be where you send your 按月支付. 既然你问, 虽然, here is more information about how and why lenders and mortgage servicers transfer mortgages around.


From a lender’s perspective, a mortgage is both a contract and an asset. The lender and the borrower enter into a contract in which the lender promises to loan money to the borrower, and the borrower promises to pay it back according to a set of terms addressing interest, 按月支付, 代管税款和保险, 等等. 一旦贷方把钱贷出去,他们的主要工作就完成了. All they have left to do is continue to abide by the contract’s other terms.

抵押贷款现在也是贷方的一项资产. The borrower is obligated to repay a certain amount with interest to the lender. This right to receive payments is an asset that the lender can transfer to someone else.


In theory, a borrower can also assign the obligation to make payments to a third party. 未经贷款人同意, 虽然, the borrower will always be on the hook for the 按月支付 since their name is on the loan paperwork.

With this in mind, let’s look at how both borrowers and lenders might transfer a mortgage.


Most mortgages also include language prohibiting borrowers from transferring or assigning the obligation to make mortgage payments. A “due on sale” clause in most mortgages requires a borrower to repay the balance of the loan when they sell the home.

Suppose a borrower owns a home valued at $500,000, with a mortgage balance of $300,000. They might want to sell the home to a buyer for $200,000 and have the buyer take over the mortgage. 减价出售条款将阻止他们这样做. 因此,借款人转移抵押贷款的情况非常罕见.


放款人转让抵押贷款是很常见的. 不像借款人的持续还款义务, 贷方只需要接收还款并强制执行债务. 许多贷款机构使用第三方公司作为贷款服务机构 处理付款的接收. The servicer receives a fee for each payment they process for the lender. Other companies, known as loan originators, often handle the process of issuing loans. 他们可能会在关门后把所有东西交给贷款服务机构.


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许多银行 向房利美或房地美出售贷款. 30年, $500,000年抵押贷款, 如果全部支付超过30年, 收益会远远超过500美元,因为利息. Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac might pay a discounted amount to a lender for that loan. They would then be the “owner” of the loan, and they would use a loan servicer to collect payments. Many borrowers only interact with the servicer handling their loan, 不知道主人是谁.

抵押贷款文件通常会把这些都考虑进去. While borrowers are not allowed to assign their obligations to anyone else without permission from the lender, clauses in the loan agreement allow lenders to assign or sell the debt to someone else. The assignee or buyer would then have the right to receive payments from the borrower.


Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac exist for the specific purpose of buying mortgage loans from the lenders who originated the loans. By doing this, they provide those lenders with cash to continue making more loans to homebuyers. 更多的人能够获得抵押贷款并购买住房. The mortgages that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac buy go into a secondary market, 投资者在哪里买卖它们.

The owner of a mortgage loan might switch loan servicers for any number of reasons. Perhaps they are dissatisfied with one servicer’s work, or perhaps they have other reasons. The important point for borrowers is that the effect on them will be minimal.


如果贷款人发起了贷款, 谁的名字出现在贷款文件上, 将贷款转移给其他人, 利率, 偿还期限, 贷款的其他条款保持不变. 如果贷款有可调整利率, the new lender cannot adjust more than whatever the loan agreement allows.


The main issue that borrowers face is that the loan servicer and the address where they send payments are likely to change. A lender must notify borrowers when they sell or transfer a mortgage. The new mortgage servicer has thirty days to inform borrowers of where to start sending payments. You should read these notifications carefully because they will have important information.

Borrowers typically get a grace period of sixty days after they receive notice of a new loan servicer. If they accidentally send a payment to the old servicer during this time, 他们不会面临处罚.


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